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Amartuvshin won an excellence award on KAIST EEWS Student Idea Festival 2015

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Our Master student Amartuvshin won an excellence award (우수상) on KAIST EEWS Student Idea Festival 2015 (EEWS 학생아이디어축제 2015). KAIST EEWS Research center held a contest, "EEWS 학생아이디어축제 2015", which was for calling attention to EEWS technology, business and Green Campus as well as encouraging creative research. On this interesting competition, Amartuvshin got the award for his creative proposal "Water [...]

Our Lab. Homecoming in the 10th Anniversary of GSCT, KAIST (Oct. 20, 2015)

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For the Homecoming in the 10th Anniversary, six of our lab's alumni (Yu Wu, Xiaofang Yuan, Doyun Park, Tian-Chiu Li, Ming-Luen Chang and Muhammad Tufail) came. Thanks for all your visiting and it was really blessed time. Also, our  current MS student Jhang Inhwan performed dance in name of 'Locky&Jesse', as a Jesse. It was really gorgeous. Thank for his performing, and also [...]

Hyungjoong got the Winner *Award from the CAT@Ars Electronica (20,000 EUR)

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Our MS student, Hyunjoong Kim, got the Winner *Award from the CAT@Ars Electronica and got 20,000 EUR. He also has a chance to exhibit his work <jangdna>, an interactive audio-visual installation, at Ars Electronica Festival 2015 from September 3rd to September 7th, 2015. Here is the link for the exhibition information. Here is the interview from Ars Electronica [...]

Sunjoong, Selected for Venture Research Program

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Our Ph.D candidate, Sunjoong Kim is selected for 2015 2nd Venture Research Program for Graduate and PhD Students by the university headquarters from 1 July, 2015. The project is entitled “Metadata study of biological systems and rule extraction for the biological system retrieval in bio-inspired design.” Congrats, Sunjoong!!

Hyungjoong in Ars Electronica Exhibition

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Hyungjoong Kim, a Master’s candidate of IBD lab will participate in Ars Electronica, world famous new media art festival, from September 3 to 7 in Linz, Austria. Hyungjoog is selected for Artist-in-Residence program by Future lab and his work will be displayed in the exhibition under the theme ‘Post City.’ Congrats, Hyungjoong!! "미디어아트의 메카라고 불리는 아르스 [...]